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❶Visit any of the on-campus maintained computer labs which have Adobe Acrobat.

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In fact, one author at Virginia Tech increased accesses to 56, from 9, in only one year. Since students spent a great deal of time on their research, it should be encouraging to know that others are reading this work.

The research may guide others, and one's results may save others the time of redoing your study. It is estimated that about , theses or dissertations are completed each year. It would greatly aid graduate education if as many as possible of these were made freely available. Therefore, there are no royalties to share. Generally, your document will appear on OhioLINK by the end of the semester following your graduation.

The degree must be posted to the student transcript before the final accuracy check and release of the document to OhioLINK occurs. When a student requests a Publication Delay, the title and abstract of the document will be available for the public but the full text of the PDF document will be hidden for a period of time. Students can delay publication for one or two years at a time for a total of 5 years. At that time the PDF will be released to the internet. Students might choose to embargo the full text because of a patent application or a pending publication in a journal.

We recommend that students talk with their advisors about whether or not to embargo. It is important to speak with your publisher regarding rules and restrictions of publication.

Please review the terms carefully before selecting a Creative Commons option. We realize that some students prepare books related to their theses or dissertations. Since publishers vary widely in their policies, students should share with publishers that their work is available on OhioLINK. A student may want to embargo his or her work for a year or two until the publication comes out.

In general, it appears to be the case that electronic release of early versions of a book leads to greater sales of such books. Indeed, having an electronic work made available on the Internet, and showing a publisher a large number of electronic accesses to that work, may help land a book contract.

Usually, books that relate to theses or dissertations turn out to be significantly changed as part of the editorial process. This makes it likely that those interested in a thesis or dissertation will buy a book when it comes out, even if they have reviewed the ETD.

However, since publishers vary widely in their policies, it is wise for students to share this information and other documents about the ETD initiative with publishers to which they are are likely to submit their work. TAD Services is open to discussions with publishers regarding policies or helping in the publicity process.

The form for publication delays is posted on the Forms and Templates page of this website. Complete, print, sign, and drop off the form to TAD Services by the deadline for the semester.

When one has his or her research published in a conference, book, or journal, he or she usually signs some type of agreement with the publisher.

A student should read the agreement carefully before signing, making sure he or she understands and agrees with the terms and conditions. The agreement should be explicit about what future rights of use the author retains. If the author wanta to include the materials in a dissertation or to reuse the materials for teaching or a book chapter, it is important to document this in the agreement. As the author, one is entitled to discuss one's plans with the publisher.

TAD Services encourages students to obtain an agreement that allows them to include research in a freely available electronic thesis or dissertation. Authors have the right to negotiate with a publisher to reduce access to the ETD for a limited amount of time, if they request this as a condition on publishing the article.

However, most publishers consider a thesis or dissertation to be quite different from a journal article. Typically an article is much shorter than the chapter or full work and has been revised as a result of the editorial process and peer review.

Sometimes, it might also have several authors. Because of these reasons many publishers have no concerns regarding fully accessible ETDs. Thesis and Dissertation FAQ. I cannot schedule my oral defense before the oral defense deadline. Will I be prevented from graduating? There are limitations on who qualifies for this option.

The eligible student must: To clarify if you are eligible, contact the International Student Services Office at Meet all Early deadlines. If I submit my document electronically, will my department still need a printed hard copy? What is a pre-oral defense review and why should I request one?

Documents may be submitted for review at any time; however TAD Services will not review documents that do not include the following: When requesting a format review, please specify what stage your document is in: Pre-oral defense Final, post-oral defense Most documents only need a pre-oral defense review and a final review. Can I send my document for review in several parts?

Can I come to the TAD offices for help? I am writing my document in Latex. Is there support available? What sort of technical support does TAD Services offer? I don't have a full version of Adobe Acrobat. What do I do? Visit any of the on-campus maintained computer labs which have Adobe Acrobat. It provides all the necessary features, but expires after 30 days. Am I required to have a copyright line on my document? How will people be able to access my ETD?

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For many advanced degrees at Ohio University, the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation is a requirement. Nearly the entire TAD process can be completed online. This website houses all of the resources needed to meet Ohio University's publication requirements and complete the final steps before graduation.

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Services. Borrowing. Interlibrary Loan and Document Express; Looking for an Ohio University thesis or dissertation? See the page on How do I find Ohio University theses and dissertations? Provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge.

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