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What are the basic beliefs of christianity?

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a christian homework help site

A christian homework help site
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There is only one God. But, and this is a mystery that is not understandable by logic, there are three parts to that God. All of these are separate parts of the same God, but yet there is only one God. The other major belief is that Jesus Christ came to earth to sacrifice himself to make up for the sins of all people for all time.

This is another mystery. By allowing himself to be sacrificed, Jesus allowed our sins to be forgiven. These are the major beliefs that all Christians must believe to truly be Christian. There are a lot of other things that one sect or another believe, but these are the major ones. The doctrinal answer using the Creed is correct, but I wonder if you're thinking about the doctrinal beliefs or the practical ones - it's much more difficult to find agreement on those.

A good place to start, though is with the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5 - 7 and its corresponding passage, the Sermon on the Plain Luke 6. Still, interpretations of these passages can vary widely. A simplistic answer is that Christians are called to love one another and forgive one another always. As I tell my students, it's simple but not easy. And interpreting exactly what "love" means can be tricky, to say the least.

Christianity is the only religion where their Savior died for the people. If you look at Muhammed and Buddha, there are no accounts of a possible ressurection. Jesus appeared to his followers many times after he was crucified, died and buried. Another major part of Christianity is having a relationship with Jesus. The major premis that we are saved by grace and not works is what sets it apart from all other world religions.

Having a daily relationship with Christ allows His followers to feel connection and a purpose to our faith. The belief in Jesus Christ is a major principle of Christianity. Christians believe that God sent his only Son here to die for our sins. There are many different denominations of Christianity such as Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, etc.

They all believe in Jesus Christ as the savior but may worship in different ways. The basic beliefs of Christianity are that there is a God, Jesus is the son of God, and all humans are made in God's image to serve God and each other. Christians also believe in Heaven and Hell, and preach forgiveness. What are the basic beliefs of christianity? Expert Answers ophelious Certified Educator. Related Questions What are the basic branches of Christianity and how do they differ from one another?

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a christian homework help site. Through its help activity Christianity has spread to most parts of the globe. Who homework Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came to earth to teach about love and fellowship. He represents the person that all Christians must strive to be. Jesus was a Jew who was born about years ago in Bethlehem.

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