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A List Of Good Corporate Social Responsibility Dissertation Topics

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❶The company has also helped found Ronald McDonald House Charities, an ongoing global network that provides care and comfort to underprivileged children and families.

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Theory of Justice View of Ethics This view states that ethical decisions are made to impose and enforce rules fairly and impartially. Integrated Social Contracts Theory This view states that ethical decisions should be based on empirical what is and normative what should be factors. Arguments for and Against Social Responsibility The major arguments in favor of social responsibility include: Social responsibility in an organization balances its power with its responsibilities.

Organizations being socially responsible reduce the imposition of government regulations. Socially responsible organizations tend to have a long-term success rate as these acts promote goodwill, public favor, and corporate trust. Socially responsible acts help an organization improve its image in the eyes of society. Organizations that perform socially responsible acts help society to deal with its ever changing needs and problems. By performing socially responsible acts, organizations help attend to environmental problems that were created by organizations.

Organizations have the power, money and resources to help tackle social and environmental problems. Since organizations are considered as members of society, they have a moral obligation to help society deal with its problems.

Davis, , The case for and against business assumption of social responsibility, Academy of Management Journal. The major arguments against corporate social responsibility include: Being socially responsible comes with a price attached to it.

The costs of being socially responsible may not be borne by the competition; therefore a socially responsible organization may penalize itself. The costs of socially responsible acts often result in lower dividends to stockholders, lower wages for employees or higher prices for consumers.

Employees may have difficulty meeting goals if they are not sure whether to make a profit or to act responsibly. On the other hand society may develop unrealistic expectations that the organizations might not be able to fulfill. By giving organizations the liberty to exercise socially responsible acts, makes them more powerful and many already have too much power over society.

Individuals in the corporate and business world are trained in areas such as marketing, finance etc. When corporations, as opposed to individuals, act to solve social problems, no one can really be held accountable. Responsibility should reside with individuals, not with institutions.

Dunham, Pierce, , Management As it is evident from above, people have used several arguments for and against corporate social responsibility.

Should managers concern themselves with social responsibility? Analyzing the arguments for and against social responsibility, it is evident that it is important for an organization to be socially responsible.

Businesses have found clear benefits from being socially responsible. Organizations which take these issues seriously not only achieve benefits from society but also enhance their reputation, competitiveness, and their risk management Carl Courtney, , Corporate Social Responsibility- Who cares?

There are trends that are making these factors very important in the corporate world. A good reputation is vital to all organizations whether in the brand value of a large multinational or the customer service at a local store. There is evidence that shows a strong track record in social responsibility helps maintain and attract the best resources in the jobs market.

There are growing expectations of society that an organization has to live up to. This suggests that different organizations will adopt completely different types on involvement in social responsibility while still generating real benefits. Therefore, it is essential as well as significant for an organization to be socially responsible in today corporate world. Conclusion Social responsibility has become a major part in the wealth creation process.

When times get hard and push comes to shove, there is always the incentive to practice social responsibility more and better especially if it is a philanthropic exercise which is peripheral to the main business.

In different countries across the world, there will be and are different priorities and values to be taken into consideration that will shape how an organization acts. Free dissertations, free sample dissertations and free examples of dissertations on CSR topics are plagiarized. The purpose of this blog post is to provide free business dissertation topics so that students can initiate work on their dissertation in a timely manner.

It further aims to advice students on the possible research areas which they can undertake. Writing a business dissertation will require students to identify and include research questions, research aim and objectives, and the research design to collect primary and secondary data.

Masters dissertations are usually considerably longer and more extensive in terms of the word count, amount of research effort and number of pages as compared to undergraduate dissertations. Assessing how the regional differences between countries influences business strategies of multinational companies. Due to rising conflicts between neighboring countries, there have been immense regional differences and conflicts between countries which have directly impacted the trade activities.

Therefore, this research has identified a highly sensitive issue by analyzing how regional differences between countries have an impact on overall business strategies of the multinational companies. How corporate social responsibility CSR affects customer loyalty: Case study of UK petroleum industry. Corporate social responsibility has become an important phenomenon as it has a direct impact on brand image of the company.

Therefore, the main purpose of the research is to analyze how CSR activities influence customer perception which in return impacts customer loyalty. The focus of the research has been on UK petroleum industry. Assessing the leadership styles of Non-profit organization and how it impacts the overall business operations.

Leadership has always been a significant aspect of an organization as it has a drastic impact on the overall business process. Therefore, the main purpose of the research is to assess the most effective leadership styles that should be practiced by non-profit organization and how it impacts the overall business operations. Examining the impact of global business negotiations on cross border mergers and acquisitions.

The main aim of the research is to analyze the impact of international business negotiations on cross border mergers. Due to intense competitions, many companies are going for mergers and acquisitions in order to enhance their market share. Therefore, this research will analyze the aspect of global business negotiations in the case of mergers and acquisitions between two different companies belonging two different countries. Analyzing the impact of forward and backward integration on business performance and sustainability.

In order to gain competitive advantage, firms have devised various supply chain strategies which helps them in improvising their business performance. Once such strategy is forward and backward integration.

Therefore this research will be focusing on analyzing the impact of both forward and backward integration on business performance and sustainability. Globalisation can be defined as the process that assists organisations and businesses to spread their operations and influence on an international scale to increase their profit levels.

In the recent times, the concept of globalization has been expanded to include a broader range of activities and areas such as biological , political , social , cultural , technological , climate and media factors , even though initially it primarily focused on the economies , capital flows , foreign direct investment and trade.

Dealing with the impact of change is of critical importance. Strategic change management helps managers to deal with change both from the perspective of the individual and an organisation. An important aspect of this concept is the organisational tools that can help to achieve successful transitions to adopt change.

Furthermore, business organisations can effectively and quickly implement change to changing market requirements as part of the strategic change management process. International Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management or HRM is a system that is designed to improve the employee performance in business and non-profit organisations.

The HRM function primarily focuses on the policies developed to ensure efficient management of people within organisations. Various activities such as training and development, skills enhancement, employee recruitment, motivational programmes, bonuses and rewards systems, and performance appraisal are performed by the HR departments to help businesses increase their work output. It should be noted that information technology resources of an organisation are usually managed in accordance with the priorities, policies and requirements.

Physical investments including the staff, data centre facilities, networks, data storage data bases, software, and computer hardware are some examples of information technology resources that are required to be managed within a company using simple management skills such as organizing and controlling, change management, and budgeting.

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Research Title CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY THEORY AND PRACTICE IN UK- a case study of Tesco 1 Executive Summary This study is to analyze how and why organizations engage in CSR.

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Corporate social responsibility is an important subject in Business studies. Project Guru offers dissertation writing service at affordable prices.

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This is a dissertation chapter example on Corporate Social Responsibility: It has been said that companies have a corporate social responsibility, that is that they are “accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their communities and environment”. A List Of Good Corporate Social Responsibility Dissertation Topics. Governments, activists, and the media have gotten to be proficient at considering organizations responsible for the social outcomes of their activities.

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Definition: Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR as we call it throughout the paper) is a concept that has become quite familiar in the world of business today.‟. the society at large. Mar 03,  · What could be an innovative and interesting topic on corporate social responsibility for an undergraduate dissertation? Is there anyone who could help me in corporate social responsibility research? What is best topic for quantitative research?