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Medical Marijuana – Essay Example

A Marijuana Discovery

❶Tatiana Shohov offers a very thorough background on the historical events regarding the use of medical marijuana.

Annotated Bibliography on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Does NIH permit or fund studies on therapeutic benefits of marijuana or its constituent chemicals?
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Dustin Sulak, DO, is a doctor on the front lines of medical marijuana. Sulak has recommended various forms of marijuana to his patients and has seen striking results. Patients with chronic pain needed fewer prescription pain meds. Patients with multiple sclerosis had less painful muscle spasms.

Patients with severe inflammatory bowel disease began to eat again. Maine is one of 20 states, along with the District of Columbia, where medical marijuana is legal. In , the federal government classified marijuana as an illegal, highly addictive drug with no medical value, making research harder to do. About 20 years ago, scientists discovered a system in the brain that responds to 60 chemicals in marijuana, also known as cannabis.

The discovery sparked interest in finding specific chemicals made from marijuana that could be targeted for specific conditions. Since that time, scientific projects around medical marijuana worldwide have sped up dramatically. Many of the studies that have been done show that chemicals in marijuana can help treat some conditions. They have helped manage pain and reduced muscle spasms in MS patients.

Few of these studies, though, followed a controlled clinical trial. This is considered the best type of trial because it compares a drug to another drug, or to a placebo a "fake" treatment. Also, most of the studies had fewer than patients. He's a psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic and author of a review of medical marijuana research.

Based on medical science, it seems possible that marijuana-based treatments could be developed for some conditions; but federal restrictions make it hard for the research to advance, Bostwick says. A series of studies allowed by the DEA came to a conclusion similar to Bostwick's. The studies also showed that inhaling marijuana through a vaporizer or a spray was a better way to deliver it than by smoking.

Among the unanswered questions about medical marijuana is the risk to users. Another drug, Sativex , is in clinical trials in the U. It is a combination of chemicals from the marijuana herb and is sprayed into the mouth.

Sativex is approved in more than 20 countries to treat muscle spasms from MS and cancer pain. No single organization tracks all research studies of medical marijuana and marijuana-based drugs and herbs.

It shows potential for improving severe weight loss caused by AIDS. It holds usefulness for chronic pain that does not respond to traditional opoids. Another study by scientists at the University of California at San Francisco found that Marinol, a marijuana-like drug taken as a pill, killed the pain of rats by acting with the same pain area of the brain that morphine, another painkiller, affects.

The studies concluded that marijuana s active ingredient THC, gives true pain relief. A doctor at the University, Ian Meng, stated, this opens the door for understanding the scientific reason that marijuana can affect pain. Many who are against the legalization of medical marijuana are against it because they feel the legalization of it can make for social and legal issues. These are the concerns that legalization will make marijuana more of an abusive drug, especially by children.

Also, many people not supporting medical marijuana state that there is still little proof that marijuana has any medicinal value. The National Institute of Health studies the use of marijuana to relive pain and found some interesting facts. No clinical trials involving smoked marijuana have been performed in patients with naturally occurring pain. Two adequate and well-controlled studies in cancer pain compared graded doses of oral 9-THC to placebo, and one of these included graded doses of codeine as a control.

Although there was evidence of analgesic efficacy, the studies indicate there is a narrow therapeutic margin between the doses that produce useful analgesia and those producing unacceptable adverse CNS effects.

In summary, the National Institute of Health states that the use of medical marijuana is not worth the risks that arise. McCaffrey made a bold statement about if medicinal marijuana is worth it. He feels that there is little future or benefit from smoked marijuana as a medically approved medication. The politics evolving around the issue are most likely responsible for a great deal of the controversy behind medical marijuana.

Supporters think that since President Clinton was so tough on drugs, nobody is actually looking at the facts to support it. Those that are against the legalization of medical marijuana feel that, once legalized, marijuana can lead to further issues, all of which are negative.

One group, Americans for Medical Rights, along with many other followers have supported several successful national campaigns in the fight to legalize medical marijuana. As of recently, the following states have legalized the use of medical marijuana: Although the controversy over use of medical marijuana is nothing new, it does have a special connotation for the dying.

The controversy stems from the legalization of marijuana for medical use. To date marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug by the Controlled Substances Act and is defined as having no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. However, many states have recognized that medical marijuana does have medicinal uses.

According to the Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, 34 states have recognized the value of marijuana for medical conditions. However government has been slow to agree with these states.

After detailed research, some medical organizations have held back final opinions until further research can be carried out. Marijuana is a valuable aid in reducing pain and suffering for patients with a variety of serious illnesses.

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Medical Marijuana – Essay Example. Medical marijuana represents the parts of the hemp plant used as a doctor-recommended form of herbal remedy or medicine.

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Continued Research on Marijuana. No single organization tracks all research studies of medical marijuana and marijuana-based drugs and herbs. The following review is a summary of controlled.

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Medical Cannabis Research Papers The latest in cannabis research: Dive deeper into the medical research on marijuana conducted by doctors and researchers and published in scientific journals. Cannabis as a Substitute for Prescription Drugs. Medical marijuana is quickly becoming a hotly debated topic in society as it presents clear medical value with little to no drawbacks if used in the correct way. While abuse of the substance shows clear definitive issues, the same can be said about any substance including alcohol.

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