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To Sir with Love

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”To Sir, with Love” by E. R. Braithwaite Essay Sample

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However, over the twenty one years that followed its instatement, it became clear that the system was based not only on raw intellectual ability, but the out come of the system also reflected the class system it was supposed to disintegrate.

Additionally, the so called parity of esteem that was alleged to exist between grammar, secondary modern and technical school was widely regarded by employers and the general public as fallacy. Not only were secondary moderns under funded in comparison to grammar school, but from them with qualifications, and for many professions and universities, a grrammar school privilege but limited ability , would be similarly treat to their working class counter parts.

It could not be simple. Despite having risked his life for the ideal British way of life he seen as alien. And so without any sense of vacation as he candidly admits he becomes a teacher in an east end school that best job he can get.

He also holds a degree in engineering but was not able to find a suitable job because of his black colour as no white wants to work with a black or take order from blacks. Braithwaite has some insecurities when he starts teaching but he grows confident in his teaching abilities.

He genuinely cares about the students and earns their respect by the end of the school year, Braithwaite is a beloved, warmly accepted teacher who is well known in community. Braithwaite is an intelligent sensitive man who is able to motivate his students.

To Sir With Love deals with how the teacher pupil relationship is used to explore key themes in the novel. To sir with love is written by ER.

Braithwaite and includes some key themes throughout the novel. Braithwaite relationship with his class goes through three stages in the novel; silent treatment, noisy treatment and open protest.

These stages explore maturity of class and how the values change through out the course of year. When Braithwaite first begins teaching he is faced with racist comments and new uncooperative rudeness of his students.

This illustrates the racial prejudice which existed in east end of London at that time. The students are obnoxious to the person he is, all they seein the colour of his skin. They do not offer to participate or raise the hand and are ignorant to their education.

This reflects on how children often left school at young age and education was ot vital as it is now. Another theme touched on racism. Braithwaite endures prejudice from children although it is usually quite sly or hidden from outside point of view.

He will never be called as blackie or darky to his face but behind his back the children will happily speak about him. He has not really changed, maybe he does not get angry anymore at people who discriminate him. Gillian Blanchard is a great emotional and moral support to Braithwaite. She stands up for him even to her parents showing off her love for him. As Braithwaite walks through the hallways, he is nearly shocked by several students running out of classroom.

He knocks and enters to see what is happening, only forty students unattended. By their dress and demeanor, they seem to be well aware of their maturing bodies. Everything is bit soil and untidy, as if too little attention were paid to washing themselves or their flashy finery. Another male teacher, Weston comments later that they need is bloody hiding by the contrast how teacher Mrs. Evans near perfection without recourse of beating in her classes as well as immediate hush in assembly listened to select music played for them.

This seems to attest quiet a respectful and orderly atmosphere in school on the whole. Braithwaite, as a well educated middle -class Black man who not only has university education but has been officers in the RAF, has to come with terms of failure of meritocracy in his life Braithwaite encourages their self -esteem by narrating his life to engage students interest and open possibilities of thought for them. These learning experience connect to the world beyond school is the significant of the important way, cross -curricular and carefully integrated approach during half- yearly students council report saying that their lessons had particular bias towards brother hood of man kind, and they have difference in colour , race and creeds.

The class is shocked by what they consider to be just double injustice but the narrator counsels against rebellion. Pg Although the speech is given in front of the whole class it is directed particularly at Seales, the mixed race boy, even though he is not the culprit.

It is as if Braithwaite fears that Seales above all, is the one who need to learn the lesson of self-discipline, or risk being provoked into reaching for a knife or a gun and finding himself in deep trouble.

In another scene the mother of one girl in the class comes to complain about her daughters behavior. The girl, Pamela, confides to her teacher: Again the narrator warns against rebellion insisting that Pamela should be obedient and courteous daughter. At several points in the novel Braithwaite is publicly humiliated. On the bus an Englishwoman refuses to sit next to him.

He guesses that she secretly enjoys herself: The stoicism infuriates his white English girlfriend. When they go to an expensive restaurant tin Chelsea, the waiter keeps them waiting for a very long time and deliberately spills over the soup. Gillian insist storming out but Ricky, we assume, would have remained at the table in a dignified way or would have sucked it up.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Then, after spending time with students,. Braithwaite began learning from them as well as teaching them. The students did not respect adult authority. He realizes that they may have problems in their personal lives, but when they entered the classroom, Braithwaite joined them on journey of adulthood. The students asked many questions touched upon the people of different races, Braithwaite gave mature answer, and spoke to them as if they would behave more responsibly.

I mean this suburban formality and all. The adult clashes are ultimately concluded by him to be no importance as long as the repercussions do not enter the classroom it was who mattered. In this novel, various human characterized are portrayed. Through the story, the ideas that humans are able to adapt and their way of thinking seems to be demonstrated.

Both the teacher, Braithwaite, as well as his students, go through many changes. These changes lead to a change in their way of thinking about each other. Then it tells the story of a person who first becomes a teacher just to sustain himself but realizes that these teenagers, whom he is in charge of, need help. So he selflessly forgets everything and help them to become adults. He tolerates all the hardship that goes through the process.

The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. Ward At the end of the novel Braithwaite sells out his philosophy made it clear that coloured people in England were gradually working for their own salvation, realizing that it was not enough for them to complain about injustice done to them, or rely on interested parties to agitated on their behalf.

They were working to show their worth, integrity and dignity in spite of the force opposing them. She is obviously a more mature student because her attitude towards racist comments is very educated and she creates smart and snappy arguments. Pamela begins to fall for Braithwaite because her life may of lacked a male inspirational figure who was clean and tidy. So when she mets him, he is immediately attractive to her. Pamela stands up against racism on another occasion. On the train to a school trip, the class and Mr Braithwaite overhear some woman talk about Mr Braithwaite in a derogatory manner.

He is our teacher. Her character allows Braithwaite to show the theme that racism is a behaviour which is slowly dying out and that the children are the future society. If you work on the younger generations there will be hope for later years to come.

Barbara Pegg is another student at Greenslade High School. She is not racist in the slightest however her mother is. Braithwaite uses this character to further explore the theme that racism is a learned behaviour and is not as common in younger generations. Barbara forced her mother to apologise and was extremely embarrassed about the whole situation.

The fact that Barbara was grown up enough to tell her own mother to apologise for something bad she had said is a role reversal of the mother and daughter relationship. Braithwaite again touches on the theme that in future generations racism will not be passed down or forced upon children.

He uses the many different relationships between characters which enables him to explore lots of ideas. Braithwaite is very skilled in the way that he uses characters to represent different themes and it works well in this particular novel. To Sir With Love. Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on To Sir With Love specifically for you.

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‘To Sir With Love’ is written by E. R. Braithwaite and includes some key themes throughout the novel. Racism, values, and relationships are some themes that are explored with the use of Braithwaite’s relationship with his class.

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A Review on the Book-to Sir, with Love. To Sir with love Author – E. R. Braithwaite 1. About the book - To Sir, With Love is a autobiographical novel by E. R. Braithwaite set in the East End of London. The novel is based on true events concerned with Braithwaite taking up a teaching post in a school there.

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To Sir, with Love has aged gracefully and deserves its continuing readership among young adults. Although it was written for a general adult audience, young readers will find the book’s treatment of many topics to be engaging and instructive: human relations, prejudice and discrimination, the problems of growing up and learning how to find . To Sir With Love essays"With detailed reference to any 3 incidents in the book, show how Mr Braithwaite changes the behaviour and attitudes of the class." When Mr Braithwaite first encounters his class they are an unruly group of .

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To Sir With Love and Dangerous Minds. The book To Sir With Love and the movie Dangerous Minds are about a teacher and troubled students. In both stories, the teacher is caring towards their students, and implement creative ways to teach while keeping the attention of the kids.3/5(2). To sir, with love Essays where he had felt no discrimination based on his skin colour or ethnicity. After the war, like many other ethnic minorities, he could not find work in his field and eventually took up a job as a schoolteacher in the East End of London.