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Charles Dickens

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❶What did they write on Charles Dickens tombstone? A Tale of Two Cities 4.

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7 Writing Tips From A Famous Author–Charles Dickens
Understanding Great Expectations: Writing Elements of Charles Dickens
by Charles Dickens

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Dickens was once a newspaper reporter; his descriptions show a wonderful eye for detail. Great Expectations had to fill ten columns of All Year Round each week, for 36 weeks. Dickens' style of writing therefore 'filled space', and included lots of repetition and long lists.

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Everything you need to know about the writing style of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations, written by experts with you in mind.

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Still, many a modern reader long remembers Scrooge and the 3 Ghosts, for Charles Dickens was a master of creating memorable characters. The narrative concerns a man set in Victorian times, so the Victorian style of writing is appropriate to the narrative. Charles Dickens is the King of Style. We’ll say that again: when it comes to style, Charles Dickens is the King. He’s the grand-daddy of all great fiction writers.

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Dickens's talent was to incorporate this episodic writing style but still end up with a coherent novel at the end. "Charles Dickens as he appears when reading." Wood engraving from Harper's Weekly, . Charles Dickens has a very distinct writing style; he writes in a poetic way and uses a lot of satire and consequently humor. Since Dickens's started off his literary career writing papers for newspapers most of his stories are in an episodic form.