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List of floods in Pakistan

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❶No doubt, most of the causes of the flood can be attributed to nature.

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Essay on Floods in Pakistan for the students of Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, Intermediate, BA and BSC
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In view of the disastrous floods, the President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari ordered that there would be no grand celebrations on the 14 th of August. While the social impact of the floods was tremendous, the economic impact of it on the country was no less. According to the International Labour Organization about 5. The floods affected many agricultural farms in the country destroying crops which further had a negative impact on other related industries like the Textile manufacturing industry which already was under severe financial and economic troubles.

It is in times of calamity that a country realizes who their real friends from across the border are. The relief aid was substantial from foreign countries. The spirit of the locals of the country was astounding as each individual stepped forward to help his fellow citizens in times of need. The floods received extensive media coverage due to which many of the celebrities also got forward to help collect funds for the flood relief. Various programs were aired on channels like Geo, ARY, etc in which celebrities from the showbiz and sports appealed for contributions.

Although the floods in Pakistan bought high volumes of devastation for the country it also lightened up a spirit of patriotism and humanity in the people. While terrorism and crime rate were at the peak and people were scared to get out of their homes, this disastrous situation allowed them to forget all their fears and come forward to help the country in times of desperate need.

Floods destroy crops standing in the fields and cause famine. They also cause epidemics. Many people lose their resources and tools and thus lose their occupation. It is a very pitiable sight to see cattle and men being washed away by the current of the river during the floods.

Often entire families are washed away and they drift on the thatches and frail barges, aimlessly. The flood also damages railway lines and makes the running of trains impossible.

In time of flood the Government of India adopts various measures to alleviate the sufferings of the people. It arranges for both long-term and short-term relief. The short-term relief means immediate relief. This includes distribution of food, cloth, medicines etc. The long-term relief means free distribution of seedlings, remission of rent, grant of loan for reconstructing houses and for reclaiming land, etc. Even private relief societies are organizes by the people.

They also render much help to the flood-stricken people. What it Flood and how it is caused?

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In Pakistan, floods are an annual occurrence. Read also: The Newspaper – words English Essay The torrential and continuous monsoon rains give rise to floods which inundate fields, forests, villages and towns, and wash away river banks trees, crops and cattle in their fury.

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The problem of floods in Pakistan is not new as it dates back to the year of independence when the first major flood hit Pakistan. Since then eight more floods of even greater magnitude in , , , , , , , and have caused heaps of destruction in the country taking the lives of millions of people and leaving billions of them homeless.

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