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Odysseus Is Not A Hero

Essay, term paper, research paper: The Odyssey

❶Retrieved 03, , from https: Unlike Aeneas, Odysseus fights for himself, to satisfy his own self-interest.

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Copyrights Is Odysseus a Hero? Get Is Odysseus a Hero? View the Study Pack. Odyssey Essay Essay Homer. Short Response to the question 'Is Odysseus a hero? I feel that Odysseus, like any person, can be a hero at some times and very selfish at other times.

During the war in Troy, Odysseus was surely a hero, thinking smartly and protecting his men well. However, in books , Odysseus is definitely not playing the role of a hero among his crew. On almost any page you turn to in the book, you can find some act of selfishness coming from Odysseus. Odysseus and his crew sail to the land of Ismarus to plunder and pillage the city of Cicones because of their loyalty to the Trojans The Odyssey, Book 9.

Years later, with the crews numbers dwindled, they make a last stop on the island of Thrinacia, despite Circe's warning not to. Odysseus stops and warns them not to touch Helios's cattle The Odyssey, Book This disobedience angers the sun god, who threatens to stop shining if payment is not made for the loss of his cattle. To appease Helios, Zeus sends down a thunderbolt to sink Odysseus's ship.

Odysseus alone survives" The Odyssey, Book 12, pg. Odysseus knew this would be the fate of his men if he allowed them to stop there yet he still did. Odysseus shows a lack of loyalty and care for his men by failing to keep them safe. Odysseus exhibits a lack of loyalty to his wife and son. If Odysseus was a true epic hero, Odysseus would have remained faithful to his wife no matter how long he was away as she did to him. Odysseus was unfaithful to Penelope twice.

The first time he was disloyal to Penelope was at Circe's hall. The second affair he had lasted a whole seven years. Eventually, Odysseus got tired of Calypso and her island though. He begged to go home but he had no way to leave with his ship destroyed. Hermes was sent and instructed him to build a raft.

Yet, all these long years Odysseus has been gone "his son, Telemachus, has grown into manhood and his wife, Penelope, has been besieged by suitors wishing to marry her and gain Odysseus's wealth" The Odyssey, Book 1, pg. Odysseus is unfaithful and disloyal to his wife and son. The types of strategies and her relative success in using them will be examined in this essay. For help with this essay topic, check out this article on the role of women in the Odyssey.

One might wonder why it takes Odysseus ten years to return to his homeland after he has achieved victory for Ithaca in the Trojan War. One of the reasons that his return journey is so long is that he is subject to the obligation of accepting the welcoming hospitality of people he meets along his path. Hospitality is an important part of social exchange, honor, and the negotiation of relationships in The Odyssey.

This essay will examine several episodes of hospitality to comment upon the varied functions of cordiality in Homer's society. For more information on this topic, check out this article comparing the theme of hospitality in The Odyssey and in the medieval text, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Defining The Odyssey as an Epic. The Odyssey is typically classified as an epic, but the general reader may not identify all of the elements that justify this categorization. The Odyssey is indeed an epic because it meets several criteria of the genre.

First, the epic revolves around a heroic journey that is filled with obstacles to overcome. Second, the narrative style is elaborate and characterized by an admiring tone, which underscores the hero's worthiness. Finally, The Odyssey is filled with mentions of supernatural or mysterious forces that influence the outcome of certain challenging episodes.

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Odysseus, a famous Greek epic hero, displays all these qualities throughout his travels home, and abroad. He first reveals his cleverness when he encounters Polyphemus' cave. Before he decides to venture to the cave, he gets a feeling that something bad is going to happen and decides to bring along his magical bottle of wine.

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Odysseus was a true hero; he showed this through his determination and courage. The dictionary definition of a hero includes courage, strength and great ability. Odysseus fits the dictionary description of a .

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No matter what challenges Odysseus faces, he always clearly demonstrates the characteristics of an epic hero. An important trait that an epic hero must have is intelligence. Odysseus's quick thinking, combined with his eloquence in speech and many other characteristics, has . Odysseus The Hero Essay - A hero accepts who he is as an individual, but strives to change himself for the better. In the epic poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, the main character Odysseus is a valiant king who embarks on a life-changing voyage.

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Why Odysseus Is A Hero Essay. January 7, Why Odysseus Is A Hero “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of over whelming obstacles” Christopher Reeve According to The Odyssey by Homer, hero’s are depicted as people who are loyal, compassionate, and smart. - Odysseus and the Heroic Cycle in Homer's Odyssey "The hero with a thousand faces" written by Joseph Campbell, describes the path a person takes as he journeys through the heroic cycle. Throughout the Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus is portrayed as a hero. .