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5th-grade essay winner proud to be an American

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❶I have been down here for 45 years because of them.

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Proud to be an American Essay Sample

It was dark, quiet, smelly, and there were nails and screws coming out of the walls. I got really scared. I looked up for 5 seconds and looked back down and there she was.

The old lady that put me in here. She told me to come out. I have been down here for 45 years because of them. Now your going to get pay back. I took one step forward and she told me to come sit for a cup of tea. She led me to the table. When I came out of the closet I felt something cold wrapped around my ankle.

It was a chain. I sat down to drink the tea. I went to go sit down and heard a car pull in the drive way. I stood up to see if I could hear my mom and dad talking.

He opened the door and yelled for Amy. Come help us get the food and we have a surprise for you. He looked all around the house to look for Amy. They both went in the back yard to see if I was back there. Then they saw the hole.

Arnold went down to see if I was down there. He looked to the left and saw the door. He knocked on the door and Darzelea answered. I heard my dad and Darzelea arguing and I just wanted to go behind her and hurt her. So I walked up behind her with one of her pans and all of a sudden……. Edgar Allan Poe was an American author.

The author uses irony On the discussion of slavery, majority of the members thought a solution for the slaves to move back to west Africa would be ideal.

However, Garrison had advocated for the urgent end to slavery and to encourage rights and freedom for all slaves Between and , the economy of the South experienced an extreme economic growth. During the s to s, the change in the economy throughout the whole nation was influenced by the Abigail Adams would always be remembered as the most reputed and significant woman in the American history. She was the woman who not only influenced famous political figures of her time but also supported her husband, John Adams, throughout the process of American Revolution and Independence.

Abigail was fully conscious that the In his provocative book One Nation Under Goods: Malls and the Seductions of American Shopping, James Farrell made the assertion that malls are an American cultural phenomenon.

He strengthened this argument by stating that by the year there were already more than 45, shopping malls all over the United States generating more than a trillion dollars in annual sales while serving close to Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. He begs Uncle Sam for the opportunity to fight, not to have his courage judged by his handicap. He yearns for the opportunity to perform great deeds, to become a hero, to die on the battlefield, and thus enter that special place in heaven reserved for the nation's bravest. America's reasons for entering World War II were obvious to all; they were less clear-cut in the Korean conflict.

Country music songs, nevertheless, remained strongly supportive of the war effort and generally portrayed the conflict as part of the price to be paid to prevent the communist menace from conquering the world. Once again country music recounted American soldiers' willingness to perform on the battlefield in such songs as "Korea, Here We Come.

The Vietnam War plunged the country into a state of political and social turmoil. The domestic violence of the Vietnam era and the rancour it produced, however, failed to alter country music's appreciation of battlefield bravery. While popular music counselled Johnny not to be a hero, country music reiterated its expectations that he lives up to the martial standards of his ancestors.

Perhaps the song that best-expressed country music's continuing commitment to battlefield heroics was Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler's recording, "The Ballad of the Green Berets," which in reached the second spot on the country charts. Remember that you can always rely on our professional essay writing help.

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Why im proud to be an american essaysI am proud to be an American because I have the freedom of speech, religion, the press, and the right to vote. I can express my opinion on various subjects without the worry of being prosecuted or persecuted.

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Being proud to have this right of freedom in America is an understatement. In a country named Burma, 90% of the population is Theravada Buddhism, a faith the government embraces and promotes over Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

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I am proud to be an American because we are the most free country on earth. I know I don't have to bow to any man and I can worship my God in the way and in the place of my choice. I can be a Methodist and go to service or I can be Catholic and go to m 3/5(3). People are proud to live in America for more reasons too, all varying in what they choose to believe in and think is right. I am proud to be an American because in America we have the freedom of speech. With the right to speech we are able to stand up for what we think.

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Essay on Proud to be an American: Ronald Regan Re-Election - During the election, Ronald Reagan is up for re-election as President of the United States of America (U.S.A.). With the expert help of the Tuesday Team, Reagan uses rhetorical and persuasive techniques to . Many people today do not give much thought to what their country represents and. why they should be proud to live in it. I am very proud to be an American and live in. America. An American is someone who loves their country and the people in it, and also. believes in bettering their own lives as 3/5(2).